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Thursday, September 17, 2009

TIRING DAY yet happy ^^

I got a really good buddy
and she really teaches me alot and alot
therefore, i'm really lucky (:

today was really a light-hearted work day
like, though i do feel tired..
and at times, when everyone's busy and i really duno wad to do
i can't check in a guest fast
i nid to really get use to the system and move faster

e.g. I have to program key
den i program the system, BUT FORGET PUT THE CARD THRU -.-
bah! :(

anyway, after work..
was walking tiredly towards the mrt..

i just walked without noticing my surroundings..

suddenly, nearing the mrt, my slipper slipped off -.-

so paiseh..!
smmore i walk until like wan-die-wan-die that kind of look lols!

den i quickly wear back..

later..when walking on travelator at dhoby station, my slipper suddenly fly off -.- wth!!!!


but my face still this same look o.o

tired :(

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