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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well, at the front desk, at least have to be fluent in chinese and english for me...
so, my senior lee gek, let me handle a taiwanese customer at desk
all by myself!!

procedure: check-in..

ME: Hello, may I have your passport please

[guest passed me his passport]

[updates info, pull out reservation]

ME: Thank you! Welcome to Swissotel the Stamford (:

[ask for necessary items, guest started talking to me in chinese as his eng wasn't good, so i had to use chinese]

[do all the procedures, get the room key card]

ME: 这是你的房间卡。 这个是你的errr..errr...那个楼...楼层err..的号码! 而这个是你的房间号码. (Translation: this is your room key. This is floor..that floor level! and this is your room number]

[my facial expression is shows T_T]

GUEST: 哦好的! (Translation: orh ok!)

ME: 对不起!我的华语不是很好:( (sorry! my chinese not so good)

[guest laughs]

GUEST: 不是,是我的英语不好! (nono, my english not good)

ME: 不是不是,是我的错 :( (nono, it's my fault)

hais, and i guess no one will believe i got A2 for my chinese in o lvl
and a distc in o lvl chinese oral.

BAH! go poly all use english riaos
never really talk chinese

i guess i nid brush up on my vocab for chinese too -.-

btw, today is my off day
went for driving
driving lesson was quite okay..

if i never update that often, is because i'm busy working :(

Thanks for viewing my blog! ^^

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