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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Now and then..
I really got nothing to blog about..
Everything has been just a routine for me..

going to work, coming back from work, trying to get as much sleep as possible
and thinking about work tmr.
to provide service to swissotel's guests has been something interesting and challenging for me
I have to really familiarise myself with alot of things as well

yesterday, I've met a caucasian guest
He's very very ULTRA SUPER DUPER polite..

usually a guest comes and pass you their passport, credit card etc
they usually have a nice friendly attitude and tone especially the caucasians
i'm not being bias here!

this particular guest handed me his passport with BOTH HANDS & a SLIGHT BOW
wth bbq fish!
which guest will do that nowadays o.o!

den i handed him back after keying in his info, he bow back and took back with both hands and a face of gratitude !!
I assigned a room for him, take his credit card imprints etc etc
he all use 2 hands and take or pass me the stuffs!
everything ok and smile at me !

even the way he write on the registration card also so polite manner!!
this guest really motivates me to work harder and provide better service
I hope i can make lesser mistakes
tmr got work!


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