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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cookie baking time!

Was baking the betty corkers [idk how spell] the cookies
double choc de :D

So i decided to modify the recipe.
Like add something else, add some things lesser etc.

This is how the mix looks like..

Pour in the ingredients :D

After mixing. it shld look smthing like that..

Cookies? or Shit? lol

Tested 2 cookies first since i modify the recipe..

Yeps. tasted not bad..
so decided to bake the rest :D

final product ..

Quite alot pple commented it was nice
and my dad ate alot.
bro and sis also ate alot :D
yea!! :D

Just came back from giant @ tampines :D
then got offer on sushi sia!
$2 instead of usual $2.90 :D

I love egg sushi :D
not egg mayo de of cos
the normal egg de

I wan go sakae eat again :(

SACHI's a duck o.o

Today me mum and maid came back from shopping
then i open the door that time, heard her barking
so i slowly open, suddenly saw part of her lying down
whining in pain

I tot what happen sia
isit i kiap her paw at the door or smthing?
then she lie down there cannot move
then i quickly close the door.
heard her whining
press the door bell and ask someone to help like dad or whosoever at home
then we slowly open the door
saw her lying there cannot move

Really, the 2nd half of her body cannot move AT ALL!

Imagine her sitting in this position, but the behind paws and body can't even move!

then we shock sia.
but sachi was still excited that we came home
so her front paw keep struggling and flapping like some duck
swimming to us LOL
damn cute sia!!

something like this pic i drew [sorry for bad illustration]

then she swam to me like a duck then very excited
trying to use her front paws only
cos her back paws cannot move
the way she's excited, yet in pain
was DARN SUPER CUTE AND ADORABLE that u could just "awww~~"

haha ^^
then after awhile she can walk normally le
i tink i kiap her tail or back paws or idk what

sachi damn cute :D

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