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Saturday, March 07, 2009

WHAT have I been doing during hols..

Bleach. Bleach. and BLEACH.

But besides that,
I working everyday at my mum's fashion boutique.
There are quite a few applicants applying for the sales girl position
so my mum has to pick one out of the few.
she may need some for her warehouse sales. depending on her.

Anyway, this is my mum's shop..

Random shot of this chandelier my mum had in the shop =O

And her shop name is SHOW GIRL (:

Shop front..

moving in...

This is the name card (:

and this is the logo on the vip card :D

done with intro`ing.

It's like i just started working there..
totally had no idea how to work the visa / mastercard machine and how to swipe the card and key in duno wad thing for the nets machine.
Plus, idk where are the different clothes being kept.
Especially when my aunt goes to the toilet, leaving the shop alone to me, i became damn scared.

I actually hope that no one would come. However, on friday, which is yesterday, i told myself .. I CAN DO IT!

And customers came in while i was alone in the shop :(
I had no problem finding for the clothe, offered an alternative for wearing that piece of apparel she was trying on, and managed to sell off that piece ALL ON MY OWN!!!!!!!

Damn happy! plus she paid using NETS. and i roughly figured out that machine!
damn happppy! :D

POS machine.

I kinda like this top, makes me look more class.
OR like more stylo.
OR like more like er...modern!
Like stylo modern career woman, match with a black long pants, and black covered heels.

One photo of me only.


Today went to IKEA.
ate dinner.

and shopped around with parents and bro.
Bought this cushion to cushion my butt from long hours at the com watching B-L-E-A-C-H.


-brb bleach-

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