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Monday, March 30, 2009

Shop, Eat, Enjoy!

I went out with J to parkway and ate his duno what favourite YUSHENG!
at the start when he told me the existence of yusheng, i tot it was the one we toss during chinese new year. but it's not! :D

It's actually raw fish with seasoning of sesame oil, soya sauce [abit] and pepper and some other things
Added on top is ginger in slices, chilli, veg

This is a pic of yusheng!

Looks nice right?
I tried abit, and i have to admit it's nicer than salmon x:

It's usually sold at hawker centres in stalls that sell fish porridge.

Ending this portion with my zi-lian`ing time x:
If you don't want see, then scroll down to read the 2nd part of this post (:

Sachi's infection :(

Sachi was like biting and chewing her leg area for few days
den we saw some red patches around that area
Shocking sia.
so today it became worst, and we quickly rush her to a pet clinic

went to ang mo kio ave 4 block 108 de
damn gd that vet place :D

Went there and it was raining heavily
then sachi was super guai tdy
when it was her turn, she was shivering cos it's cold
the vet had to shave off the fur at her leg area so can clean the wound
then when the vet shaving, the vet realise the wound was bigger than just 2 small patches

It spreaded like till 1/2 of her body length from her leg..
this is after shaving

So eww right?
I was damn worried and terrified larhs!

while waiting for the med
she was hiding under my dad's armpit

Maybe it's kinda warm there

And she was super guai + kinda sad
I think she cried / teared :(
cos she had to put this..

we paid a total of 100+++ for her antiseptic wash, med, and medicated shampoo
plus this plastic collar thingy
theplastic thingy cost 9++ bucks

dad was like droning on that saying why that plastic thing so ex
and i saw : MADE IN DENMARK lol!

The infection may be due to wrong food gave to her
mum just told me..
dad bought dog food for ADULT DOGS when sachi is still a puppy -.-"
wth bbq fish >:(

God Bless Sachi T_T

ME: daddy, need buy gauze to clean sachi's wound
DAD: use cotton balls or cotton pads lo

ME: i scared stick at her wound
DAD: won't la=.=

ME: but, gauze better :/ go guardian buy lo
DAD: where? hougang mall?

ME: anything, buy awhile only
DAD: aiya, you go changi airport buy la. later u working there what

ME: for what -.- GAUZE go all the way changi and buy later -.-

ME: ...

A330 inaugural flight to brisbane

Yes, i'm just back from work at the airport :D
It's damn fun!!! :D

It's just an ad hoc job
meaning when got offer, then got work
if not usually don't have

It's mainly waitressing in the gate holding area
but it's very fun
partly because the pple there are super friendly, funny, crazy, yet serious at work
Love them loads

Took a group photo with some pple there!

It was around 1+ that we ended and enjoyed ourselves around t3

Alena and Megala :D


Seriously, i didn't know this thing can talk to another cone thingy =O
I got no childhood, says alena and meg
sobs says char =/

Fabian and Haziq! :D

Alena and the talking cone o.o

Fabian and Haziq.
Formal wear + playground? :O

And we went to do colouring at t3

It's super memorable and we all enjoyed it alot

Nights -o-"

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