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Monday, March 09, 2009

say "sup chicken"..

Why chicken?
cos i became a drenched chicken today [luo tang ji]

meaning being drenched in the rain. sigh.

early morning had my driving lesson
and went down to my mum's boutique
on the way, when i arrive at tanjong pagar, suddenly i realise it was raining
no umbrella with me, so i had to walk in the rain

had headache last night, couldn't sleep.

i guess it may be due to breathing difficulty i had previous nights.
don't really know why.
tried sleeping early but couldn't.
not feeling that well thou

so apparently, i woke up with a headache, and forced myself to driving lesson
tried concentrating but it was tiring
couldn't tell mum and dad that i wasn't feeling well
as there's not enough manpower
need at least 2 pple there =/

my aunt can't handle alone.
so apparently, just go lorhs.
just wore a simple shorts and mango tee there -.-"
totally off track from what a sale personnel should wear
argh nbm.

keep sitting on the chair and rest my head on the sharp tall edge of the table

[see diagram]

apparently, the chair is a normal height chair
but the table is too high =/
so when i sit, my head reached the edge of the table
kinda uncomfortable but no choice. cos my head very pain =/

ytd tried putting medicated oil also no use
today morning rushing out, cos late for driving lesson.
nv eat breakfast as no breakfast, so can't eat medicine too.

aiya nbm.

then no mood to do things etc.
plus today not really hungry, maybe no mood / energy to eat
ate old chang kee curry puff
den aunt bought me a muffin and coffee :D
oh yea, and she let me try mini mango puff
actually it's kinda filling

p.s. old chang kee's curry puff is getting smaller =.="

today was raining damn heavily
feeling damn freaking cold
had to iron my jacket and wear when it's hot as i'm too cold to move

aunt and i tot business would be bad since there are little customers today
cos raining, even office pple lazy come out
but luckily, today sales was good towards the 2nd half of the day
thank God (:

Closed shop around 8pm.
dad came, fetched me and aunt back.
and now i'm waiting for the heater to heat the water up
before i bathe.
if not, i tink i sure fever.

hopefully tonight can sleep

God Bless everyone with good health and good day!
The weather is getting extreme nowadays.
take care everyone! ^^

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