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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sad day today :/

Since primary 2, I had this lump growing at my knee.
it was initially small.
but, now 11 years has passed, it has grown bigger.

It's not cancerous, not a tumor.
but i only scared that it'll continue to grow bigger

So, i urge dad to bring me see doc today
doc told me that i could go for surgery at a hospital
cos it's too big for him to do a clinical surgery at his clinic

and he told me, there will be a scar left after surgery
I'm like..sad..
2inches long de scar.
At my knee =/

And it's only a day surgery.
They'll anesthetic my knee that lump area
so i won't feel pain
but..i can feel the knife cutting
and the lump being removed and the stitching back part
how scary :(

today keep walking
then feel not well, suddenly backbone like pain sia..
the more i walk, the more pain it is

maybe cos i didn't sleep well
plus working every weekdays
I feel damn tired. but mum there haben find replacement to take over me
so i have to work first.


Am i blacking out soon? :(


Marley and Me

joel helped me find the show
and i watched it.
damn sad =( keep crying towards the end of the show
marley died :(

It's like he went off somewhere to die
so that he won't make the family sad :(

in the end, he had his stomach twisted and old age
and went to vet, being put to sleep

damn sad :(

I cried non-stop. :(

ME: marley died :(:(:(
Joel: rip marley

ME: i can't stop crying T_T MARLEY DIED
Joel: bb marley...

ME: marley died! T_____________T

Joel: u can always rewind to revive marley


Turtle rapes shoe

saw this vid on xiaxue's blog lol

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