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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wonder what's that? Ask ann (:
She was the one who mention abt it last time and again
and finally i remembered what is it haha!

Day goes on the same and same
But today suay suay kena stomach ache
tahan till at night go home den go erm-erm =O

random pictures..

Too tired and boring to say any other things thou.
Every night, i have problem sleeping.
I'll try rest, and wake up again, and rest again, and wake up again.
Kinda hate myself for that
and the following morning, I need to wake up early to go for work.

To put it optimistically,
I'm waiting for the glimsp of light and hope tomorrow each day.

To put it pessimistically,
I'm as thou waiting for death, time passes too slow.

How nice if time would stop, then i'll be able to remain young and do alot of things.

-close topic-

I think i willl be baking perhaps on thurs?
Bake cookies ba. Easier.

-end post-

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