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Saturday, March 07, 2009


Grats to those friends who have done well for A lvl..

I received an sms from nicole.
She told me about her results.


I was like damn happy for herr. however at my side also, i feel kinda worried for my own results, cos idk whether i can do well and get into a university.

I keep pondering, what if i go jc? Will i have the inspiration to study hard and do well? Will i even spur myself hard and score? Will i be rejoicing today?

I told this good news to my mum abt nic. and my mum said: "see? tell you go JC u don't want go. keep insisting want go poly!" etcetc.

You know it kinda make me feel sad..whether did i chose the right route.

Did god lead me to HTM course in poly? Or did he tried his ways to make me stay in jc?

I regretted those days in sec 3 and 4. My results dipped in 2nd half of sec3. Because of a single thing, MAPLESTORY

Seriously online games are addictive to the point that you pay ur results in exchange for fun. Even thou i know more friends, friends that i treasure, however, I really hope time would turn back. and i promise i'll study harder :(

I always think, why didn't i work harder. Even in poly, i tend to deviate. How how i'm desperately trying to pull my GPA up. Idk whether i can.

Am i cut out for poly? sigh.

It gives me doubts, made me waver, and shook me awake.

I must study hard, i must do well.
and i tink the first thing i need to do is..


Enjoy my hols, and start studying for next sem. I left with 2 semesters, and results will be out next week for previous sem that just ended. Hopefully my GPA won't drop, but improve higer.

God, please stand by me and guide me through. Show me miracles and lead me on. I will put in my effort and faith in you. Amen.

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