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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fruitful day (:

Had driving today at 1030am.
Really had fun driving today haha!
No stalling of engine or whatsoever :D
so happy happy ^^

After driving, dad fetched me to the warehouse awhile.


then brought me to my mum's boutique for work.
helped awhile and left at 2.43pm.

Then something absurb happen.
I was walking towards the mrt station
where this guy asking me for donation

GUY: excuse me.
ME: ??

GUY: i am from the heart donation etc etc etc
ME: ok.. [nodding from time to time]

[GUY tells me how many % pple got heart failure, wad children foundations etc]

ME: ok, so what i need to do?

GUY: now we having this donation fund raising, using ur debit and credit card
ME: oh. i don't have o.o

GUY: nbm, giro also can :D
ME: do i look so old? I'm only a student!

GUY: [feeling paiseh] nonono..u don't u don't [panicked]
ME: i'm sorry. [walks off]

WA LAU. they only target those adults leh.
i look so old meh :(

felt so sad :(

anyway, took a train down to cityhall
met my girl friends, marie, alena, zhiwei, lynette :D

/heh i was the latest T_T

went to sakae sushi for their buffet, tea time de =O
and the lady requested our student card.
TADA! RED CARDS!! [pi-pi-pi!]

zw and marie ^^

lyn, me, alena ^^

so we took food from the conveyor belt
and ordered from the screen thing
it's my first time eating in a sushi place

so..we ate and ordered alot. and along the way
i took some pictures of the food.

Japanese green tea

some sushi =O

the only egg sushi i eat o.o

chawamushi [standard one] Marie ate like 3 of those

cos her favourite is egg ^^

kinda plain tasting soba noodles o.o

super nice tako balls :D

soft shell crab!

and my favourite sia! FRIED SALMON! YUMYUM!

fried tapioca. wait. i mean LOTUS!

baby oct, my all time fav ^^

salmon. alena's loves. zhiwei's crush :D

then we had some mochi...

and this strawberry thingyy.. [licky!]

went to toilet, PICTURE TIME!

lyn, me, alena ^^

p.s. ALENA SO CUTE RIGHT :D:D [i'm turning les o.o]

smiles (:

walked to ritz carlton cos lyn wan give her homemade brownies to her workplace pple


and oh yea, she baked for all of us too ^^ so sweet :D

after that, we shooppped around in marina, met kel and jon along the way. then we headed to new york new york at suntec as it was marie's dad bday :D


the new york staff surprise uncle with this! SO SWEET =D

and marie bought 3 slices of cake for her dad :D one slice i tink is 5.20 sia o.o

got oreo cheesecake, tiramisu and orange chocolate cake.

Marie and her papa ^^

we each had a share of waffle :D

after which, marie's dad sent all of us home, and alena to a busstop :D

nights! (:

I got a feeling that i'm getting fatter -.-

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