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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Food fair @ Suntec + other random stuffs

Picture taken after facial =O

The sunset today :D So nice right?

Today plan to go food fair with parents and bro
Then we decided to go at night since parents are busy

Took 2 photos in the lift :D

p.s. Don't say can see belly liaos arhs! i photoshop away liaos.

Arrived at the food fair and surprisingly..
Maybe because i arrive at 8+ 9pm..

Found seats and sat down.
Bro help clean table..

Ate Laksa..

and this bbq sotong dad bought for me :D

Oh yea..
smthing funny abt dad..

ME: daddy, lets go buy nutri-tea
DAD: ok

[walks to that booth]

PROMOTER: hi, would you like to try?
DAD: err.ok. ok.
ME: no thanks (:

ME: I wan buy barley flavour!

[PROMOTER pours barley for dad]

DAD: [drinks] hmm..ok ok.
DAD: what flavours u want?
ME: barley and water chestnut

[tells PROMOTER]

ME: I wan a barley and water chestnut

[dad hand stretch out and take the sample bottle of chocolate malt drink and pour in his cup to test]

[PROMOTER + ME shock]

DAD: ee. not nice.
PROMOTER: cos it has malt, maybe you are not use to the taste

[DAD walks to the PROMOTER2 who has the crysanthemum flavour]

PROMOTER2: want to try?
DAD: yea, sure sure.

ME: oh. ok. [to PROMOTER] help me change the waterchestnut to crysanthemum thanks (:

[DAD paid, we walking off from booth]

ME: [handed to dad the 2 packet of drink] nah, help me carry :(
DAD: you carry urself lo..

DAD: you want me carry or u carry ?

ME: you
DAD: ok lo [takes packets from me]

p.s. in the end also i carry -.-" cos dad want to sample BAKUA lols!

The way my dad auto go take and try the chocolate malt is funny hahahhaha!

cute daddy
nights ^^

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