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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

went giant wid lyn, marie, alena

then lyn left early
so.. we continued shopping..

i like going giant, carrefore, ntuc etc
i like grocery shopping :D

See this:
BIG UTENSILS, small alena
small utensils, BIG MARIE

curtain decos? or earrings???

*yawns* says marie
She's at the beach X:

Ok it's kinda of lame
marie is damn nice
she bought the wangwang biscuit, munchy's biscuits
mostly i go kope and eat
den she share with everyone
Then alena shared her caramel sweets with everyone
so sweet right both of them?


Marie's fullscap paper :D
Valentine's Day. Got a date?

today had lessons till 12pm
and we head to...

yes sentosa LUGE

is damn fun la :D

photo taking time X:

wheeeee.. down we go /heh

cannot really see our faces sia o.o"


if u are sentosa card member
or student in TAS
luge is 5 per person
if normal public, is 10 per person :D
1 card can buy unlimted number of tix for 5 bucks
so who want go TELL ME =D

i can bake brownies :D
but oven haben set up

I'll try post more pictures
especially on alena, my blog's hot time favourite

I'll get her chio pictures and post xD

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