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Friday, February 06, 2009

today's the day i'm going tao's restaurant eat wid marie and alena :D

met alena at plaza sing tdy
cos me and marie couldn't wake up
so didn't go lec

alena and i saw this teddy bears :D

cute right?
the white one so nice :D

after marie arrives
we headed towards the restaurant ^^

This is the advertisement banner for it :D

location: paradize centre. beside parklane mall. dhoby ghaut station then walk towards there.

we can't forget a grp photo right? :D

the service staffs are excellent there
very friendly ^^

btw, it's 19.80++ for 6 course meal during the afternoon ^^

Starter: Bacon and Mushroom Gratin :D

It comes with the bread. and the bread is damn nice :D

see how thick the bread is :D

next is our salad etc.

i took prawn roll with pork floss
this is super good!

has mango inside and mango sauce around it
with fillings of pork floss

this is fruit salad :D

the service is really really gd here
see this waiter squat down to accomodate his customers

the service staffs are like friends to their customers
and they remember what they like and they do not

very caring too ^^

next is cream of mushrm [alena and marie]

the waiter said good choice
so i guess is nice
cos alena and marie always order that

mine is fish soup
very nice :D

the way to drink it is pour from the pot
to the cup
and drink

interesting right? ^^

the 3 teas we had

mine: Ice rose apple tea

Alena: Ice summer peach tea

Marie: Ice grape mallow tea

so far, alena and marie says ice grape mallow tea is nicest
i agree too..

however.. i prefer mine too
aiya.. all 3 also nice :D

p.s. menu and info available at

main course :D

Mine: tao's oven roasted steak

steak is nice with its sauce :D

Alena: baked atlantic flounder with cheese

the fish is damn tender!
i swear it's tender! :D

Marie: slow cooked pork back ribs

damn soft the pork ribs
i lurbe the sauce :D

let me show u my unglam pic LOL!

and we end off with our favourite dessert

some pictures i took :D

cute right? ^^
marie lurbes alena /heh

den we went to plaza singapura the arcade
at dhoby ghaut station there after going cathay

played bball
missed by 5 points to high score :(

like so fun! T_T

diarrhoea the whole day
and ate alot -.-"

then come back eat chocolate and dinner
like wthwthwthwthwth :(
fat le =(

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