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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some random photos i took of my bed -.-
It's seldom that my bed is neat

[turns bed upside down, messy right left] lol

found a new pet lover centre at serangoon gardens
so no nid travel till east point mall at simei for her grooming le :D

saw this cute doggy stroller
wanted to buy.
but cost 180++ leh! damn ex!
good to port sachi ard thou :D

Joel Jojo /heh

My cousin, Xiaoyan

My sister, Charmaine

My jie and cousin went for photoshoot at my maternal side de uncle
he got his own studio sia

Here are some other photos...

and the make-up artiste, hair stylist and overall apperance in-charge X:
oh.. and plus weird, romantic, funny, glamorous pose ideas generator! XD

these photos are taken using own camera
not the DSLR de..
photos will be out much later..

will blog abt today later :D

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