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Friday, February 27, 2009

SACHI's post (:

Sachi is darn cute when she's acting cute
when she's notty, she's notty..

So i got a new way of cooping her to calm her down from her frenzy crazy moments :D


*gulp* I'm sorry :(

[acting cute] heh heh heh!

[tilted her head] eh? she's not looking at me anymore..!

[pokes head ouut] hrrmp! she thinks i'm stupid. i'm out /heh

"MUAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA" says sachi -.-"

den my bro gave this evil loook..

he went to hide and try to make sachi bark unnecessarily -.-
make her so scared.. so she hide under the sofa =O Her usual hiding place lmaos


Then i got smthing to share..
It's funny..but i'm so bad :( read on to find out! X:

I went inside my room.. and saw sachi looking outside my window..
stoning out.

so..i got this evil bad thought x=

BOO!!! i went to scare her lol x=
ok u can say i bad

and she immediately turned back and got a shock + jumped!

Then she walked to me..wagging her tail (:
den i pretend angry, ask her: WHAT ARE YOU D-O-I-N-G?!!!!!

and guess wad happen? X:

ONE CHUNK OF MY SALIVA SUDDENLY DROPPED FROM MY MOUTH, onto her FACE! and slightly flow down the beside her eye that area lolol!!!!

den i carry her and took a piece of tissue
wipe her face and carry her out lol!!! X:

Ok i know i'm bad :(
but the saliva part was unintentional :(

Off to watch bleach le

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