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Sunday, February 08, 2009

we are still in touch screen world..


LG Prada II and Prada Link Bluetooth watch

Wonder what's nice about it?
Please read..

IF THE first LG Prada phone has not won you over yet, its second instalment should do the trick.

The LG Prada II sports not only glamour but also fancy technology that would convince a fashionista to up her tech quotient.

A slide-out Qwerty keyboard is added to the original 3-inch touchscreen design. Now even those with chubby fingers can compose text messages without fuss.

An internal overhaul also added new features: 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, quad-band GSM, a 5-megapixel camera phone and a front-mounted second camera for 3G video calls.

However, the highlight of the LG Prada II is the mate it brought in the form of a Bluetooth timepiece.

Dubbed the Prada Link, the unisex watch beeps and vibrates on your wrist when there is an incoming call or a text message.

Press the top button at the side to mute or the bottom button to reject the call. To answer, use your Bluetooth earpiece or whip out the phone.

Caller ID is displayed on watch's screen, which can fit three lines of text. Although not ideal for a phone, the small screen is perfect for a Bluetooth timepiece.

The fact that an entire SMS message can be read on the watch - without needing to refer to the phone - has won me over. The nifty gadget is good for people who often miss text messages in noisy places like on a train or at a party.

You can also retrieve your call and SMS history on your wrist.

Top it up with organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) - which is brighter, more energy efficient and slimmer than LED - and you have a futuristic-looking wristband.

The Link is made in Korea and weighs 51g. Its battery is good for 48 hours on standby.

While its black-and-silver look matches the phone's elegance, the watch's face is a little chunky and seems out of place as a Prada timepiece. LG should consider reducing the size of the bezel or extending the OLED screen.

If I let my inner fashionista speak, I would say replace the back cover of the LG Prada II with black leather. That will get rid of the unsightly fingerprint smudges and make a louder fashion statement.

The software, which has a lag when you hop from function to function - say, phonebook to picture gallery - can also be improved.

Final say

This time, LG has loaded up on tech to also appeal to the tech-savvy. The total damage is $1,976 for the phone and the watch. If a pricey Prada bag has not stopped you before, why should it this time?

LG Prada II (KF900) and Prada Link Bluetooth watch

Price: $1,288 (LG Prada II) and $688 (Prada Link)

Available: From all authorised LG dealers

sian :/

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