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Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's high time for me to swim!

It has been long since i swim
like 2years ago?

I remember swimming once per week frequently
taking my swimming lessons at tampines swimming complex
It's fun and enjoyable

Plus it keeps me slim

Loving sports since i'm young..
tried various sports..

Due to some glitches during a period of time
went into music cca when i was in sec sch
but continue playing sports e.g. bball :D

Once i entered poly
sports stopped
due to..

1. Stress with projs and exams
2. LAZINESS haha

decided to go back swimming again
and so i need to get a new swimsuit..

Tot of getting this.. /heh

and may consider this..

i think the 2nd option very safe..
won't zao geng etc.. can cover my body :D

This is abit exagerating! lmaos

and was asking my mum to get a swimsuit for me..
and she suggested bikini lorhs..
i'm like SIAO -.-

I don't tink i got the figure to wear also -.-
too flat =.="

So.. 4th option is out
most prob is option 1 or 2..

Whosoever is reading this, and who is a girl..
do you wear bikinis? haha!

And guys.. do u wear swimming trunk? Whole suit? or the swimming pants kind?

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