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Sunday, February 15, 2009


I bet you all had a nice night or day with ur love ones
or stone at home
haha x:

well.. as for me..
here it goes ^^

Preparation for baking of brownies :D

My oven /heh

and my first batch of brownies i baked :D

well it taste not bad lorhs..
so i baked the 2nd batch..

Before baking..
This is for my clique and friends :D

can you figure out the alphabets?

well if u don't, here it is :D

Shawn, Joel, Marie, Lynette
Zhiwei, Alena, Gracia

Updated add-on:
After blogging, I went to look thru the post to see if any pictures are posted wrongly, or got any thing i left out..
stared at this pic... and realise the first row is S, J, M, L
when u unscramble it, it's like S-M-L-J =.="
i swear it's not on purpose

don't keep saying it doesn't look like the alpha!

Marie: This is what alphabet?
me: M! M for MARIE!
Marie: it looks like H

[zhiwei came by and asked]
zhiwei: is that a H?
me: ...

why lidat?

oh ya..
and hor.. toot jo -.-

[trying to making brownies for the first time, the first batch]
Me: should i take photo step by step and blog on how to make this brownies
Jo: eh better not

Me: why?
Jo: See nice first anot. nice den blog.

Me: so you say i may not bake out nice brownies la?! -.-

wah lau!
so sad =(


and this is the cute little vday note i gave them :D
wrote touching notes inside
no wonder my clique all read le, den suddenly drop tears
and keep hugging me..
hais... [heh]

ok it's a joke
they didn't cry
hahahhahahha! x=

side track abit wid my photo

I tink it's kinda weird with no braces now =/

weird right? :/

[return back to normal]

This is the bear shaped brownie i baked :D

cute? ^^

my friends also gave me vday presents :D

A surprise big bear from uncle Mark

I passed him brownies
and shocked to see a big bear in front of my door
lol :D
thanks uncle mark! :D

Marie gave this cookie and alena gave the lollipop :D

Marie's cookie is nice!!! :D
The moment i got home
i ate finish le
p.s. that was my lunch /heh

And i still keep alena's lollipop
wait i go out walk walk
den slowly enjoy
or watch my fav drama :D

alena gave the whole class lollipops
:D so sweeeet ~~

Met jo
pass his brownies too ^^
then i saw him sitting at the busstop
with this bear and royce white chocolates

Damn big larhs!
It's like
i shock until keep laughing /heh

and one box of chocolate for alena

-vday night-

Get ready for vday night!! :D

Quite a few pple ask me who i go out with
den say boyfriend arhs..
but NOPE!
i dated 3 chio bus :D

Marie and Alena :D
Alena hearts Marie <3

went to lau pat sa with marie and alena first
cos lyn will be late..
p.s. cos she preparing our vday present /heh

Lau pat sa

omg like damn alot of smoke la
and they got this agreement
must order satay first
den can order other food
cos that area is satay area

Marie and alena seeing the menu /heh

yea! :D CHIO BU!

And yes! SATAY! =D damn nice!

with other dishes like stingray, sotong, dried chilli chicken, sambal kang kong :D

and this is lynette another CHIO BU!

Lyn, Marie, Alena..
See they all eat until damn shiok

The food really really damn gooood =/

Alena! :D
[decided not the post the photo, seeks for alena's permission first.]

Watashi :D

Our vday gift from lyn :D

Marie, lyn, alena

some of the photos with lyn too
so like can't blog all..
cos haben get pics from her yet :D

after eating
we went walk walk..
took some photos along the way /heh

It says: --
Sighs. Single Life =(





And this photo damn funny
marie proposing to lyn
so i hurry take photo hahah!

afterwards we decided to walk to clarke quay :D

snap snap snap :D

It's like so dark lorhs >:(

along the way
saw alot of couples walking
and pubs, clubs all very hyper
especially when reach clarke quay
damn squeezy

can see alot of pple kissing
esp ang mos

oh yes
den we walked pass someone who's selling heart balloons
see.. nice right?

Like a bunch of those balloons!
big bunch!
I want those.. heart shaped smmore

went to fashion lab
marie ordered coke vokka
and lyn ordered peach margarita

Lyn's one is not bad
nice sia
and fashion lab is cool

can't stand is the noisy music and smoke along clarke quay
makes me headache :(
sighh =(

couldn't take much photo as mostly dark dark one

met estella after eating at lau pat sa
super shock that i actually saw her!
she called my name
i was like.. OMG ESTELLA!

then we took a photo tgt :D

went home around 11pm..
cos too tired
reached home, bathed, facebook etc
den slept at 2am

today i keep baking brownies
haha :D

my relatives say it's nice :D
maybe i shld go sell x=

nic was the one who gave me and recipe
damn nice la :D
lurbe her dip dip dip

off to bed, says char
nights :D


Saw Typicalben when we were in Clarke Quay walking

Alena: EH?!!!!
Me: wad wad wad? o.o" [looks ard]

Alena: Typicalben
Me: where? ._.

Alena: THERE! [points]
Me: OH!

It's like he looks skinnier as compared to photo
and er..around 1.72m? or 1.7m?
The hair really veh blonde.
I recognise his female friend, or maybe his gf lol
she help him model for his blogshop de
hahhaa xD

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