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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

school is as per normal
took some random pictures :D

Marie under the umbrella ella ella x:

Marie and Alena ^^

we walked to the school bookshop
and i was looking at this pen
wah! got the shorter vversion
then it reminds me when i was young...

It was during primary sch
zoey told me that her brother cut the long pen and make it shorter
to become that short pen
den i was so fascinated by it
and went to cut my pen short too!!!

years later..
when singapore import this shorter version of the pen
that i realise IT WASN'T BEING CUT SHORT

I think it was sold in japan few years back
den i young young didn't know
i really went to use knife and scissors to cut lorhs
and glue back shorter

Later on
i pei marie go bugis shop for her cny clothes :D
was eating this sweet alena gave..
eat until toilet also still chewing LOL!

while walking, i saw this "make up service" offered by a shop
and it show this photo..

Isn't this photo inside the email? o.o"
and i suspect the girl inside the photos are 2 different girls

yuping gave me this website

cute right?

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