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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kinda feeling down today
i don't understand one thing
why people keep breaking promises to me?

Then at the first place, why bother making promises to me?
not only 1 person, but a few people
why why why?

I get disappointed
I get sad..

Why must some pple be so secretive also
I don't understand why
like why do they refuse to show me how they look like?
or.. even hear their voice
and many other reasons

I reallly don't understand why
yet they expect me to show them how i look etc

is this world fair? or unfair?
I'm not angry
I'm just disappointed

Some people just irritates me off too
shld i just change my msn email
and my blog link
privatise my blog
and just cut off from people
except my ccliques?

I feel kinda tired..sad..disappointed
the feeling is like..
my heart feels sunken in, bitter and sour..
sudddenly no mood
feel cheated, bluffed

I guessed, i should be played around by anyone
maybe they don't treat me seriously
just fooling and playing around with me
cos why? IT's just fun.
Well, fun to see me foooled like a clown?
yea funny eh?

i don't know wad i tinking
why are people treating me like that?
It's damn sian
like..again and again i get disappointed
and i don't mean only 1 person
is quite a few people
god goodness gracious
pleasing people isn't easy

some may just take u for granted

aiya sua
duno wad i talking also
no mood now
and when i no mood, whosoever talks to me
= HELL time
Sorry for that.
but, can't help it.

From now on
i better don't trust pple in fulfiling their promise to me
it only makes me more disappointed.


p.s. happy new year folks. had a great day tdy thou.

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