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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I guess i hadn't been blogging about day 2
apparently i tot my cousins would be online to send me more photos
now what i got is frm my mum's camera and my own hp camera
which mostly is my picture
so do bare with it X:

Photos time! self explanatory X:
ok la.. i shall explain abit..

[from left to right]
front row: laura, charmaine
back row: wenyi, calver, jie hui, charisse, xinyi, jie xin, jie ling, xiao yan, xin ying

xin ying is my oldest cousin's wife :D

My older cousin is the guy in blue :D

there are 2 cousins missing thou.
the 2 youngest ones :D
Grace and Jonathan ^^
my ah ma got 13 grandchildren
and we are all very close tgt heh!

This is my aunts and uncles and grandparents
and one of them is my dad's cousin
missing: 1 aunt and her husband and 2 children [the youngest 2 cousins]

steamboat! :D

yet.. while the women are busy
the guys are slacking -.-

My youngest cousin, jonathan :D and my aunt ^^

the bigbigbigbigbig yusheng XD

everyone tossing YUSHENG!

ok it's a very brief post
cos most of the pictures are with my cousins
and not me

therefore, most pics in my hp
are ME! lol!
so.. if u don't wanna see my ugly face.. u can close the window le :D

and i will try get photos where all my cousins, most of my aunts and uncles wore the black geeky specs
some look like principle
some look hip
will try to get the photos asap x:

this photo
is directly face to face portrait photo
i seldom, or rather hardly take this kind of photo

now u all can see how ugly i am le T_T
cos i don't tink i look nice in like straight portrait photo =/

this moi jie :D
she's so thin lo! i wanna be thinner
and it's her bday [27 jan] :D

let me end of with BEAR! x:

p.s. it's my cousin's bear lol!

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