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Monday, January 19, 2009

i bet you all know about nian gao right?

if you don't, these are some pictures of it :D

since young, i only have the impression
that the nian gao is use for praying
especially on cny
my paternal grandparents are buddhist
so i often see it at the god's altar

as i grow older..
i remember my maternal grandma often makes different kuey
and delicacies
she's a really gd cook
so i love this deep fried kuey she made
since young, i always eat this :D

and i realise

damn nice :D
plus my maternal grandma MAKES HER OWN NIAN GAO from SCRATCH :D
lurbe her ^^

so my mum bought nian gao frm hong kong
10++ for 1 i tink
cos she say this one the quality better
and yeps! it taste gd :D

so last night, i ate it :D

mama frying nian gao :D

This is nian gao cut into slices

This is homemade batter for nian gao :D

fry fry fry :D

end product ^^

me: [to nian gao] heh! u are going in my tummmmy XD

was at kovan last nite wid my family
order jie's cake
3.5kg i tink o.o"
then i saw these..

isn't it the small car or motorbikes we used to play when we were young?
omg i miss my childhood :(

[bleh] some random photo :D

went to usual blogs like , , etc
saw this interesting thing ben posted


** please click for larger image

at first i tot is some karaoke place
whereby go and sing..
and you will get scores or grades for ur singing
then i realise..

IT'S a ONLINE karaoke whereby u choose ur SONG and SING to the computer mike. You will be given a score based on that!


I'm going to try singing :D
what's your highest score and which song is it? XD
enjoy ^^


i went to try the karaoke party
it's more of like how accurate u can sing according to the song
kinda retarded but fun x=

My score + song

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