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Thursday, January 15, 2009

after school ytd
went with them to chamelon

bought this cute hairband ^^

not cute? :(

on the way back..
den i saw this advertisement
at the taxi stand of hougang mall there
opposite bus interchange

wah o.o
6 bucks leh!
so ex!
i take 1 mrt all the way down
also cheaper o.o"

i want strongly recommend Olivia Ong

I got to know her
when i found out she was the one who sings little nyonya theme song
then i searched on wiki for her
realised she's a very talented singer

like 15 years old, she got signed on for singing from a japanese music company
19 years old got her first album
her voice very angelical

I got a playlist of her album..
songs recommended [those that i hear]
1. Fly me to the moon
2. L.O.V.E
3. Olivia - Sometimes when we touch
4. Fall in love [this is a japanese song]

she got sing "I believe" , a chinese song also
but not in my playlist
i tink is in her another album
u can go search for it at i tink

enjoy ^^

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