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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday TONY! =D

today is another boring day..

got inspired by nic's post
She prefers a guy telling her "can i be your bf" instead of "can you be my gf"

"Can i be yr bf" is more of like the guy wants to protect you. care for you.
and you are his everything.

However the latter yet shows the guy wants the girl
to do things for him and like follow him instead of him caring for her
is like.. "can i be yr bf" is more sincere and true

It didn't occur to me that words do play a part
and though words, you can guess the person's intention and meaning

woots! nic u are genius (:
hopefully one day there will be my dream guy saying
"can i be your bf" to me haha!'

feeling very full
=/ ate too much le

feel like vomitting sia

next monday gg out wid poly clique
more pictures to be out on that day
cos marie bringing her dslr

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